Hello/Hola from Guatemala!

I am a day behind in sending! The internet here has not wanted to send pictures. So I am going to send you this note from yesterday and then tonight one from today. If we can get you some photos we will!

We traveled to the village of Los Trigales on Monday. It was a village we have visited before. We were in a school so there were lots of children around. School was in session in the am. Kids here go to school half a day!

We arrived at the school around 8am and by 9am we were all set up and were holding hands offering all that we were and all that the day was about to hold to God. We started seeing patients and I can say that the team was amazing. They worked like they had worked together for years. During the day they swapped off duties as they felt the desire or the need. It was pretty smooth.

Lorie and Ella and Brian all had so much fun with the parachute game with the kids. They played and played and played. At one point Brian slowed it down and had them walk slowly in a circle. I suspect his arms were tired from waving the parachute up and down.

The kids were well behaved and often stuck close to mom – a real difference from the kids we encountered in the market.

We saw patients until 4pm and then packed it up and headed for the hotel. I suspect everyone was tired but feeling good about a productive day in which many were treated and as a team we were able to make a real difference.

It is important for everyone to remember that this team does not function without everyone here. We all have roles to play and there isn\’t one role more important than another – just different.

At the hotel we had issues with water…. no water…cold water…. such is the life in Cunen! You get used to putting one foot in and taking one foot out : ) Eventually you get clean all over!

Dinner was good – chicken and pasta and veges. After dinner we gathered for a time of worship and conversation. We talked and sang about how Jesus loved the children. We then talked about the children in our midst today and how that was different from the market. After a time of communion and prayer that was personal and moving, some went to bed and others played games. The laughter could be heard throughout the hotel.

Everyone here is having a great experience and is grateful to be here. We prayed for you tonight and we miss you – but right now we wouldn\’t be anywhere else. God is blessing us through the people we encounter just as we are blessing others.

Our journey continues…. stay tuned.

Sending love from Guatemala!

Linda Brewster