Mission Trip 2017 Day 3

Last night after a delicious dinner cooked up by our executive chef Tish, we celebrated Communion with Pastor Mark and shared our experiences from the day at work.

Today we set off for work in both cars going to two different destinations, Patrick drove Michaela, Tish and Sammi to their work site which happened to be the main office of SBP. They were asked to do a research project for SBP which consisted of tracking down people in New Orleans whose homes had been damaged in the recent tornadoes, SBP needed to try and find a way to contact these people, so the team spent their time tracking down people and trying to match names to phone numbers from public records. Keith drove Mark and Nathan back to the worksite on Tennessee Avenue, where the team had worked yesterday. Once again the task for the day was mudding, and once again we were working alongside the team of high school students from Edmonton. It was a great lesson in international cooperation. We spent the day learning about each other’s culture, listening to Ed Sheeran non stop and working very effectively for a common purpose, to build the home for Theo Watson and his bride. It was so inspiring to see that this dedicated group of volunteers who were only in the first or second grade when Hurricane Katrina hit, working so hard to build this house for a person they had never met. Every one of them had paid their own money for their airfare, and agreed to spend their spring break from school to help their American neighbors in this very practical way. It was great to see people helping people across borders and we were very impressed. Our two site supervisors Tanner and Mikey, were also very impressed, they told us that we had made such good progress on the house, that we had done in two days, what they had allowed us 4 days to complete.

At lunchtime, Morgan the SBP volunteer coordinator brought back Sammi, Tish and Michaela to the work site and in the afternoon we completed most of the mudding tasks and the majority of the team members moved on to sanding activities. After work we went to Bayou Country, which is a general store run by Al, a good friend of Charles and Donna Bolian. At the store they make home made pralines in many different flavors, and this was a great opportunity for the team to pick up some souvenirs from the local area. We spent time with Al, and he generously invited us to come to his home on Friday evening.

Tomorrow we go back to work in the two locations again, but we will be together again in the afternoon. We really feel like we are making progress and it feels so good to be of service to others.

SBP has rebranded themselves so that they are no longer just the St. Bernard Project, they are now a truly national organization, and they are positioned to help in any future disaster, no matter where it occurs.


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