Our day started off with the group once again dividing ourselves between two worksites, until we regrouped around lunchtime. Mark, Keith, Nathan, and Patrick spent the full day working on the Tennessee Ave site, as everyone on site tackled mudding again. They also had a chance to speak with our homeowner, Mr. Theo Watson who took time out of his day to stop by and visit to see how progress was going, and meet the current team. Michaela, Tish, and myself once again headed out to the SBP headquarters for the morning, to assist with some office work that our volunteer coordinator Morgan set up for us. Today our task consisted of data entry. It mainly consisted of going through the profiles of people who have been accepted for opportunity housing, scanning the files that haven\’t been added, and renaming the files.

Once our work at the Tennessee Ave worksite ended for the day, we continued with exploring some of the things that the New Orleans area has to offer people who visit the city. Our first stop was at one of the Racetrak gas stations for ice cream and frozen yogurt, before heading off to the Chalmette Battlefield to look around. This was the site of the last battle of the War of 1812, fought between the United States and Britain. We broke into smaller groups or went off on our own in order to see what we the battlefield had to offer.


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