Buenos Dias,

I am going to catch you up with this note! On Wednesday we were in the village of Chiul. It was a slow morning a the women f the village who receive food subsidies from a village program met with the coordinator to learn more about nutrition and to receive thei subsidies. When that was over, they made their way to the clinic with their children and things picked up. In all we saw 90 patients. Chiul is more like a town than a villlage and the children in this town were quiet and yet had a lot of fun playing a they waited.

It was interesting to see that the village was having a festival and when we arrived in the am there were two ferries wheel type things set up with out seats. As the day progressed one became a Gerri\’s wheel as seats were slowly added and the other became like a zipper except that the people were not in a cage but rather held in by a bar as they went round and round. It was rather scary to watch. None of us ventured over I am happy to report.

The weather was beautiful! Sunny and warm all day. When it was time to head to the hotel it started to rain and we had a pretty good thunder storm into the evening.

Our host was sick when we were in Chiul and so we had to do without her for the day. But God provides and we made it through the day without difficulty. I continue to be amazed that we can take 16 people from different communities \’ most who don\’t know one another \’ and have a well oil machine that can function and look like a medical clinic. And it happens with a ton of love and laughter and working together.

Thursday we headed for the village of Xemanzana. We drove to the heights of 7800 feet again but this time straight up a narrow dirt road for 45 minutes that twisted and turned on itself. It was probably a road that made some nervous but our driver did an amazing job! The country side was beautiful \’ the depth of which cannot be seen by pictures. We were in the
middle of God\’s country for sure. As we walked on the road at lunch it was as if we were in a movie \’ on a steep mountain, with pastures and cows and sheep and dogs and cats and chickens and more. It was clearly a poor community but with beautiful people. The children had never seen chalk before but once they knew what to do with it they drew all kinds of things. I can´t wait to show you what they drew! In one area of the concrete was a village with all the houses connected by pathways and at the head of the village was a church. They drew butterflies and hears and people. It was very cool. They also had never seen play dough and boy did they love that! They also loved coloring. There were a LOT of children in this village but they were very well behaved and knew how to share and be kind to one another. Brian was again a magnet for the children. They flocked to him a he spent hours teaching them to play marbles and other things.

Since today was our last clinical day, the pharmacy did not require as much help with counting meds. So team members were able to move around more and trade off roles and jump in where needed. It is a real gift to we this team at work sharing their gifts with one another and with the people of this village.

As we headed down the mountain back to the hotel, it started to get cloudy and tonight we had a really long, pretty amazing thunderstorm! I had ordered a special cake to celebrate dinner with and we once again sat together sharing our blessings of the day and thanking God for those blessings.

In the morning we will have one time visiting a home and the clinic in Cunen and then later in the day will head for Antigua for a couple of days of rest and fun. We will also part company with our translators\’ Raul, Bascillio, Ludvin, and Lucas as well as our host Katie.

I will write again tomorrow. And I will see if I can get pictures out to you! I think my upgraded phone is not able to deal with 3G or the wifi here. It has certainly been a disappointment not to be able to send out pictures. I can upload them to Facebook though \’ technology is a mystery.

Blessings until we arrive in Antigua. We are safe, having fun, and have had a great trip together!

Linda Brewster