Welcome to Thursday

Well today started like any other day, We woke up at 6am…. again. made our breakfast and lunches and left the treehouse at 7:15. ended up stopping at a Race Trac gas station, and while we were there i couldn’t resist but to try one of the hot dogs they had for display. and yes, i ate this hotdog as part of my breakfast. but with that all aside, it was one of the best hotdogs i’ve ever had. we made it to the work site at 8ish and i walked in to find out that today was the day i was able to put up some drywall, and i looked at the site sups and was like you are angels for letting me do this. i moved into the room that needed the drywall took my measurements and got ready to cut, but as soon as i picked up the drywall the second piece came with it and i tripped over it. After work today we headed to a homecoming for a man named Frank, whose father Joe, was a World War 2 Air Force veteran, he told us his story about how we was on a mission and on his way back his airplane lost fuel, and they had to bale out of the plane, and then walk 80 miles to the nearest camp and take a boat across the Adriatic back to their base in Italy. Sadly at the homecoming the Canadians we worked with the rest of the trip did not make it. but the upside was there was cake, now Patrick being himself pulled a prank on me saying that what we ate at the homecoming was dinner, and i later found out that we were still going to dinner at the bike shop. We headed home, cleaned up and went out for dinner. now I’m one to finish what is on my plate but this bike restaurant shop had the biggest portions ever so I only had like half a sandwich left, we had to congratulate the restaurant for being the only one that I’ve had to ask for a box from. After dinner we walked out of the restaurant to see a giant ball of moths, just hoarding the street light. when we got in the car I fell asleep, but apparently when i was kicked awake, I had said “I don’t want cream of wheat”. i already forget what i was dreaming about but I am sure it was not anything related to cream of wheat. and now I’m writing this waiting for the meeting we are having to start. there it is, the bell for the meeting,


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