2018 marks the 13th year that St. John’s will send a mission team to New Orleans, Louisiana to continue the work of rebuilding from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and the recent tornadoes. 2018 also marks our 10th year in partnership with the St. Bernard Project (SBP).

“Through the following programs and activities, SBP serves low – to moderate – income residents with a special focus on families with small children, the elderly, disabled persons, war veterans and the under- and uninsured.

  • The Owner-Occupied Rebuilding Program rebuilds storm-damaged housing for families who own homes that they cannot afford to rebuild. SBP has rebuilt nearly 700 homes in the New Orleans area since 2006.
  • Opportunity Housing turns blighted and abandoned properties into newly built, affordable housing for sale to qualified low-to-moderate-income families.” (http://sbpusa.org/about-us)

This year the mission team will return to stay at St. Jude’s, located on the edge of the French Quarter. They offer housing to volunteer groups serving in New Orleans. St. Jude’s mission work includes housing for working homeless women, soup kitchen, adult education, volunteer housing and meals, and a food bank.

The dates for this mission trip is school vacation week in New Hampshire, April 23-27, 2018 with approximately 2 days travel on either end, depending on how many team members ride in the rental vehicles.

On this year’s trip some residents of the Dover Children’s home and four of their staff will be joining the St. John’s team as well. They will be traveling in their own vehicles, but will join us at St. Jude’s and on our SBP work sites.

This year’s trip will also see a change in leadership. Patrick Murphy is stepping aside as mission team leader and Teresa Melnik will be filling this role. I would like to thank Patrick for all of his dedication and work in leading the last 12 mission teams. The mission team also includes the following volunteers:Claire Bloom, Volunteer Coordinator

  • Keith Launchbury, Transportation and Finance Coordinator
  • Tish Sims, Youth Leader
  • Mike Weinberger, Entertainment Coordinator
  • Patrick Murphy, Housing Coordinator

We currently have the following volunteer positions open: Spiritual Leader and Marketing Coordinator. If you are interested in filling one of these positions, or would like more information on the 2018 mission trip, please contact Teresa Melnik at tcmelnik@comcast.net.