2020 Strategy Team Minutes

May 17, 2020

Special Charge Conference at 10:00 am by Zoom

The meeting was opened with a prayer by Pastor Sue.

In accordance with the letter sent by the Interim District Superintendent, Taesung Kang, today’s Special Charge Conference has only one agenda item, to approve the acceptance of CARES Act (Paycheck Protection Program) loan.  Pastor Sue entertained a motion “that we approve the acceptance of the CARES Act (Paycheck Protection Program) loan of $24,188.

The motion was made by Deanna Gallant and Seconded by Gail Korth.

It was asked if there was discussion of the motion.  Cheri Nixon stated that this money is for payroll for the next three months and a separate checking account has been opened.

Pastor Sue clarified that we are using our Money Market account for these funds and only this payroll money will be put in the account and will remain until the balance is at zero dollars.  This is being worked out by the treasurer and this will ensure that we can trace disbursement of the funds for payroll only so that the loan will be forgiven by the government. 

The Pastor asked if there was more discussion or questions?  Hearing none, she called for a show of hands for the vote. The motion carried unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:20 am.

Respectfully submitted, Jay Whitehouse

May 3,4,5 2020 via email

Chairperson Cheri Nixon sent out an email to Strategy Team Members titled Strategy Team Updates.

She asked for a motion to open a new account at TD Bank to hold the Payroll Protection Program funds to be used specifically for payroll to assure that it is clear that we were not blending these with other donated funds.

Gail Korth moved that we open a new account at TD Bank specifically for the PPP monies in order to document that we have been using it specifically for payroll.

Diana Schuman seconded the motion.

There was no discussion.

On May 4, 2020, Cheri called for a vote.

The motion carried.

Respectfully submitted, Jay Whitehouse

April 20, 2020 at 7:00 PM via Zoom

Members Present: Cheri Nixon (Chairperson), Jay Whitehouse (Recorder), Lora Moore, Deanna Gallant, Gail Korth, Mary Avrett, Pastor Sue Frost, Jana Marie Whitten, Diana Schuman, Larry Holman.

Larry lead us in an opening prayer.

Vital Signs

March 27th had 157 views, not 1157 as printed.  Hope on Haven Hill has made watching our worship service on TV part of their schedule.  On  line views has held at around 200 views.

It was suggested that a link be added to the website encouraging making a connection with us after viewing. (The Rock could be used as an example)

Pressing Issues

Covid 19 Issues/Response

            CARES Act update:  The application for the PPP was submitted after the funds had run out.  Now we are waiting and watching to re-apply.

            Bishop’s Letter:  Gail moved that we waive property insurance for 2 months and pension costs for the second quarter per the Bishop’s letter of March 30, 2020.

The motion was seconded by Deanna.

In discussion it was asked what the costs would be:

Property Insurance – 1/6 of $8563 = $1427.17

Pension – $2776.25

The motion carried.

Online Worship: Sunday service went well.  Taylor A did a great job and is willing to continue to help with production.  It was suggested that the Pastor announce choir pieces that are from past services as seeing people in the pews could be confusing.

Ministry Teams:  The teams are doing well but there have been no unexpected needs.  Not as many requests for phone calls as families are staying in contact with family members.

After May 4th:  A meeting will be called when the Governor makes an announcement of next steps to determine our steps.

2020 Budget – Total 408 reimbursement income was higher than expected. 

Lora moved to change Total 408 from $2000 to $2945; Total Operating Income from $256, 041 to $256,986; and Net Income (loss) from ($32,960) to ($32,015).  Gail seconded the motion.  The motion carried.

Sewer Pump – Cost was $611.55 paid to Mr. Electric.  Gail moved to take $611.55 from Walker Funds to pay the bill as it is a capital expense.  Deanna seconded the motion and the motion carried.

Marjorie Hartford Funds – The Permanent Endowment committee found that a 1985 vote of Church Conference voted to accept funds and use income from the invested funds, not the principle.  This has not been the practice and a new vote needs to occur.  The committee will meet in May to correct this and bring it to us.

Building Use Policy – Eileen cleaned up the document but Diana is still working on the content of the document.  Lora agreed to work with her on revisions/clarifications.  There may be new costs for sanitizing after building use.

Dover Fire Department – Code violations were reviewed and all but two of the seven violations have been corrected.  Guy has purchased fire retardant to treat the curtains and It was suggested that the city should be called about the permit for the lighting retrofit to correct the two uncorrected items.

Dover Planning Board changes mailing – There are no live meetings at this time so no action was needed.

Upcoming Fundraisers – At this time we have $20,000 + available to pay bills but we need to keep a close eye on cash flow.

Talent Dollars is a possible fundraiser but it is mostly supported within the church, not outside.  Pastor Sue said that the talents will be addressed in the current sermon series.  We need to keep thinking about ideas to raise funds.

Greeters and Ushers – Neil is discouraged because it is hard to find ushers for the second service, not a problem at this time, and maybe not in the future.

Skip M was not asked about coordinating greeters.  It was suggested that Judy M might be willing to serve.

Active Shooter Training – Links were sent for informational purposes.  Training will be scheduled in the future.

Wanda Winnicki Deaconess consecration – No decisions yet on when this may happen.  She will be commissioned at the Conference level.  Jana said there were around 30 Deaconesses/Home Missioners to be commissioned and if postponed for a year that number would double.

Packet Review

            Minutes – Gail moved to accept the minutes of the March 16, April 4, April 8, and April 13 meetings.  Deanna seconded the motion.  There were no corrections to any of the minutes and the motion carried.

            Financials – Collapsed versions of the Balance Sheet as of March 31 and the Profit & Loss Budget Performance for March were included in the meeting packet.  More detail is available if needed.  It was noted that on the Balance Sheet, 123 Investments – Restricted includes $6400 for the Pastor’s Moving Fund and 126 Investments – Programs includes $37,000 for the Pastor’s Discretionary Fund.


            Bellwether deadline – For June, May 11

            Schedule Town Hall meeting – June 22, Monday, 7pm, topic of meeting to be discussed at the next Strategy Team meeting.

Next Meeting May 18, 2020 at 7pm – Prayers lead by Jana Marie Whitten

Larry concluded our meeting with a prayer.

Respectfully submitted, Jay Whitehouse, recorder