The angels that appear in the story of Jesus’ birth would have been very comfortable in our world of tweets and hashtags. Their messages were often short and to the point–their favorite line being #DoNotBeAfraid.  


We can be messengers of hope, peace, joy, love and life for an anxious world.

Christmas Eve at St. John’s United Methodist Church is a time to celebrate and worship together. We welcome all who would like to join us.
If you have questions about services that are not answered below, please contact the church office at: 603-742-3046

Christmas Eve Services:
6:30 PM: Family-Friendly Service
9:00 PM: Candlelight Service
11:00 PM: Candlelight Servic


Note: At each service children over the age of 3 will be give a jumbo jingle bell, and are asked to shake it every time they hear the word “angel” during the service.

Christmas Carillon Concert:
8:00 PM: Played on the Charles Brown Memorial Carillon. You can sit in your car, or come to the sanctuary. Performed by Andy Galt and Guy Eaton.