Welcome to the C&M Church Advertising Tips Page! We are excited to offer this list of suggestions and tips to all those at St. John’s who would like to advertise events and opportunities to the community. C&M is here to assist in your advertising efforts, but we want everyone to have access to our list of resources.



 To reach St. John’s congregation:


Sunday bulletin announcements-Email Sandy Dearborn
Bell-Wether newsletter-email Gael Phillips
Facebook event (encourage church people to “share” it)-
Admins: Sue Frost, Julia Pond, Maggie McConaghy, Donna Capern, Keith Launchbury, Bob Johnson, Jane Pomeroy, Brenda Borchers
Admins can create content, events, and post as the church.



To reach the wider community:


Seacoast Media Group-Local Newspapers


  • Individual ads (more expensive)-contact Tina Ritter (tritter@seacoastonline.com)
  • Classified ad- choose your newspaper (Fosters is typical)
  • Community Calendars-contact Maggie McConaghy


Craig’s List (free)-Contact Maggie McConaghy to have something added


Dover Chamber of Commerce-Peek of the Week (https://www.dovernh.org/peek-at-the-week)- Use for concerts and special events.


Great Bay Coffee News (submit electronically for free)



 Fliers/Posters—to post around Dover & Durham


  • Library, Adelle’s, Flight, Moe’s, Harvey’s Bakery, Duston’s Bakery, Janetos, Hannafords (2 stores), Market Basket, Shaw’s, laundromats, etc.


“Tent” fliers—to put on tables at public suppers- Sandy will print.


Road signs:

  • Dover-12 a year. $5 per sign. Permits must be submitted to Dover City Hall at least 1 week in advance. (I’ve started putting all 12 in at the same time, this saves trips to city hall)
  • Somersworth-unlimited per year. $15 per sign.







Downloadable St. John’s Logo Images ( click to enlarge, and save to your own computer):

White logo, use on dark background/JPEG

White logo, use on dark background/PNG

White logo, use on dark background/PNG

Black logo/use on grey scale or light back ground/PNG

Full Color/use on light background/PNG

Full Color/use on light background/PNG