Prayer Shawls

Our Prayer Shawl Ministry combines the love of knitting/crocheting and compassion into a spiritual practice that reaches out to those in need of comfort and solace. Our shawl makers pray for the recipient, as they create the shawl. Then, during our worship services, our congregation lays hands on the shawls and prays for the recipients. And then we deliver them, as a tangible sign of our love and prayers.

If you would like to participate in this ministry, follow the pattern below. Then deliver the shawl to our church office. And know that you are a blessing to others!

How to Knit a Prayer Shawl – The Easy Pattern!

Use size 11 (8mm) knitting needles and three skeins of Homespun Yarn (available for under $5 per skein in many colors). Cast on 66 stitches, and knit until you have completed 2 skeins. Prior to starting skein number 3, cut 120 pieces of yarn roughly 12” long for the fringe, then finish knitting with the remainder of the skein. When completed, cast off, and then add fringe to each stitch on both ends. That is it!!!