Learn more about our existing small groups at St John’s UMC from the information below.


 You can also connect with a group to learn more about how you might organize your own group.




 Weekly Meetings:

Sisters: Tuesday 7:00pm
Engage in Bible and Advent/Lenten study, as well as companion each other along life’s faith journey. *Facilitated by Wanda Winnicki, 603-664-7640, winnicki@metrocast.net


Early Risers: Wednesday 7:00-8:15am
seek to understand current national and world events or social issues as they relate to our response as Christians. Sometimes this involves studying a particular book or a study guide. Often the group is involved in Bible Study. Sometimes they do service “projects” for individuals or groups. Occasionally guests speakers join them to help them better understand the topic at hand. The discussion is lively and trust and respect are vital. *Facilitated by Donna McAdam, 603-742-1881, dfmcadam@hotmail.com.


Men’s Group: Wednesday 7pm
participates in a variety of studies throughout the year that help us to grow spiritually and strengthen our faith as Christian men. Our studies include Bible readings, Lenten & Advent studies and other books of interest. The discussions are across a wide variety of topics inspired from the readings chosen. We also put our faith into action by participating in outreach projects as time and schedules permit. *Facilitated by Mike Willett, 207-748-3431, mike.willett@outlook.com and Bill McWilliams, jbmcw@comcast.net.


Meditation: Wednesday 6:30pm
This group explores Christian and other meditation practices, as well as companions each other on their life’s journey. *Facilitated by Jana Marie Whitten, 603-512-2178, janamari@localnet.com.


Not Our Mama’s Small Group:
Church community interaction needed. Anyone interested in delving deeper into God’s word and answering His message of love and discipleship? This small group is specifically for those that grew up in the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s. We had the opportunity to grow up in an era where WWJD bracelets were all the rage. Christian artists such as Michael W.Smith, Matt Maher, DC Talk and Skillet were the cool way to worship with friends. If you’re between the ages of 20-40years old and need to have St.John’s community time be more than just Sunday mornings, or you want to learn more about what God is calling us to do as Christians, think about joining Not Your Mama’s Small Group. *If interested contact Tish Sims, facilitator, 603-953-6357, loompa83@gmail.com




Monthly Meetings:


The United Methodist Men: 1st Sunday of the Month
group will be meets for breakfast at 7:30 AM in Hartford Hall on the first Sunday of each month. We would like to invite the men of our church to have breakfast with us and share our walk with God through devotion and prayer. *Facilitated by Joe Winnicki, 603-664-7640, winnicki@metrocast.net


The Men’s Book/Video Group: First Monday of the Month
They would love to add new men to their group! *If you have questions, need a ride or directions please call Bruce McAdam at 781-4896.


The Women’s Book/Video Group: First Monday of the Month
Discussions are lively and fascinating. If you would like to be added to our email list, please contact Diana Schuman at deeschu@comcast.net. Questions? See Judith Custer, Judy Strate, Lora Moore or Diana Schuman.


Mingle Cafe: One Saturday each Month 9:00am-1:00pm
Join us for coffee and a guided conversation around small tables. The idea behind this small group is to open our “borders” and get to know others from different cultures, religious faiths, and perspectives. Open to those beyond St. John’s & our own culture.           *Donna McAdam facilitates, 603-742-1881, dfmcadam@hotmail.com.