What is the Small Groups Ministry at St John’s?

The ministry is literally made up of small groups of people (also known as “covenant groups”) that have a specific focus and meet regularly to discuss topics or participate in activities in support of their focus.

What is a “covenant group”?

  • Generally a group of people numbering between 6 and 8
  • Common focus or “covenant” that guides their discussions and activities
  • Members are accountable to one another and support each other
  • Discussions are usually confidential within each group
  • Focus of a group may include Bible study and Lenten/Advent studies
  • Groups may choose to discuss books, articles or current events & issues
  • Groups may plan activities such as community outreach projects

What is it like to attend a small group meeting?

  • Your group may have a leader (or the role may be shared) who leads the agenda
  • The agenda is driven the focus or “covenant” of your group
  • Your group may have a time of fellowship or checking in: “How are you doing this week?”
  • Members discuss topics in confidence which allows trust to build within the group
  • Prayers may be used to open or close the meeting
  • Your group may choose to shift focus at it evolves
  • Larger groups may decide to “split” into smaller groups and support one another
  • Most groups meet in person at private homes or in church meeting space

How do you find out more about small groups?

  • Contact existing groups from the link below to attend a meeting and decide if you’d like to join
  • Speak with an existing small group leader for assistance in starting your own group

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