Worship at St. John’s

At St. John’s United Methodist Church, we have one worship service on Sunday mornings which has many elements of contemporary worship with upbeat, praise, and worship music being sung. We use both the traditional “United Methodist Hymnal” and the supplement, “The Faith We Sing” as a part of worship. Our choir shares an anthem. Our Pastor receives prayer concerns that are offered to the Lord, and the sermon is delivered in the altar area. The benediction sends us forth to the world.

Coffee fellowship is a time for us to connect with members and visitors in Hartford Hall. Refreshments are provided through the generosity of members of our congregation.

Our worship services are also livestreamed on our YouTube channel for those times when you are unable to join us in-person, or when you would like to go back and watch the service again.

~~~  CLICK HERE to watch current and/or past services!  ~~~



Communion is open to all who are at church on the first Sunday of each month. The bread which is broken is to be for us the body of Christ, and the cup (which is grape juice) is to be for us the blood of Christ.

Home Communion is available to members of St. John’s who are not able to be with us when communion is served at the church.

Volunteers are needed and may contact the Church Office, if you interested helping with with any aspect of serving communion.


Music Ministries

St. John’s has an adult choir community that ministers as mentioned almost every Sunday throughout the calendar year and at other special services (Christmas Eve and Holy Week). Choirs rehearse together at 7:15 on Thursdays. Our music program presents a Christmas concert in December.

Instrumentalists and singers of all kinds are welcome to participate in worship. Our service incorporates (at a minimum) piano, drums, and synthesizer, and sometimes includes other instruments such as trumpet, bass, sax, congas, and guitar. 

For more information or to sign up for any of these aspects of our music ministry, contact our Music Director, Steve MacKenzie through the Church Office.


Healing Touch Spiritual Ministries

During our monthly Communion, we offer the laying-on of hands and anointing with oil modeled by Jesus. This ministry is based upon a philosophy of caring, and starts with the premise that we are conduits for the healing energies of God. Individuals that are interested can pursue training in this ministry by contacting our Congregational Health Minister,  Jana Marie Whitten.


Weekly Aspects of Ministries

Acolytes bring the light of Christ into the church and take the light of Christ out into the world.

Liturgistsparticipate in worship services at St. John’s welcoming the congregation, reading the first scripture and leading the opening prayers.

Altar flowers adorn our altar weekly through the generosity of the members of the church. The flowers are ordered from local vendors and can be placed in our brass vase(s). We will coordinate these arrangements and assure that the remembrance is listed in our worship bulletin. The contributor may wish to have the flowers donated to someone in need which will be delivered with a card indicating that they have been on the altar and it is hoped that they bless the person receiving them.

Usherswelcome you and will help you with any needs you have during the service. They oversee the distribution of the worship bulletins to the congregation. They assure that the altar candles are ready for each service.